Frequently Asked Questions

  • We only accept PayPal
  • Payment in Advance for Fashion & Beauty Retouching and Fashion & Beauty Photo Composite except Commercial and Sports retouching.
  • Payment Currency is in US Dollar (USD)
If you don’t have Dropbox or any cloud files sharing. We recommended using It’s free, no sign up and you can send files up to 2GB.
Our Time Zone is GMT +07

  • 11 hours ahead of New York
  • 6 hours ahead of London
  • 3 hours before Sydney
We are off on Sunday. If you send images on Saturday morning for 3 days deadline, the images will delivered to you on Tuesday.

Sometimes we can send faster or ontime. All depends with our working load and type of service you choosed.

Fashion & Beauty

  • 1-9 images 1-2 days
  • 10-20 images around 1-3 days
  • 21 – 35 images around 3-4 days
  • 36-50 images around 5-7 days
  • 51-100 images around 7-12 days

Photo Composing

First preview will take around 3-5 days.

We accept all kind of format such JPEG, NEF, CR2, DNG, etc.

Please make sure you send in High Resolution. We will send final Retouched Images in full-sized Tif.

TFP means “time for prints”. It’s an arrangement where everyone contributes their time and skills to produce photos, but without monetary compensation. 
At the moment we don’t do TFP. But we’ll do for very interesting photo or concept.